Topographical Surveys

We provide accurate Topographical surveys dervied from data captured using GPS equipment on site.

Topo Image A 1

At Archilink we use the latest GPS equipment available to surveyors to accurately measure topographic surfaces.

  1. Setup Base Station: The surveyor will set up a GPS base station at a known location on the survey site, typically with a clear view of the sky to receive satellite signals.
  2. Collect GPS data: The surveyor will then use a GPS rover to collect data at various points on the survey site. The rover receives signals from the GPS base station and uses this information to calculate its own position on the ground.
  3. Record elevation data: As the GPS rover moves across the survey site, it will record elevation data at each point it visits. This data can be used to create a topographic map of the site, showing the height and shape of the land.
  4. Create a topographic map: Once all the GPS data has been collected and checked, the surveyor will use software to create a topographic map of the survey site. This map will show the elevation and contour lines of the land, as well as any natural or man-made features such as buildings, roads, and bodies of water.
Topo Image c 1

By using GPS to collect elevation data, a surveyor can quickly and accurately create a topographic map of a survey site.