Cotton House, 7 Cochrane Street, Glasgow


CDA Architects Based in Edinburgh


Pointcloud to Revit


Cotton House, 7 Cochrane Street, Glasgow


20 Days


Cotton House was designed and constructed in the 1990’s by the renowned architect Piers Gough. A distinctive design invoking Glasgow’s rich shipbuilding heritage, the building is now widely recognised throughout the city.

Our surveying team embarked on a comprehensive scanning endeavor, employing both ground-based LiDAR scanners and aerial drones to capture the essence of Cotton House. These dual approaches ensured a comprehensive representation, capturing intricate details of the building's exterior and interior.

Post-scanning, our experts meticulously processed and integrated the data acquired from the ground-based scanners and drone surveys. Leveraging this extensive dataset, our adept Revit modeling specialists meticulously constructed a detailed and accurate 3D Revit model.

CDA Architects received a comprehensive, navigable, and highly detailed representation of the building.

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